Student Center

ADA Staff Is this your first time here? Welcome to student center

Student may access their online training course and course materials through our Learning Management System (LMS) called TalentLMS. To access online courses on our learning Management system, you will need to access to the internet and supported web browser i.e. Internet Explorer/ Edge or Chrome.

Logging in for the first time.

Note: you need to have company email address to registration or create account on ADA LMS portal. Please contact to your supervisor if you don’t have one.


Follow the steps:

  1. Select the department branch URL for sign up process. ( Branch portal will open in new window)



    Branches URL


    Engineering & CAMO

    For Part 145 & CAMO staff

    RW Pilot - OPS

    For Rotary Wing Pilot.

    FW Pilot - OPS

    For Fixed Wing Pilot.

    Flight Coord. - OPS

    For Flight Dispatcher/ Coordinator

    Cabin Crew - OPS

    For Cabin crew

    Ground Operation

    For Ground Ops and Ramp staff.

    Administration & Support

    For HR, Finance, IT, commercial, Legal and all other administration support staff

    You can also register from below main domain and wait for activation from administration. Once you activated, you can able to go to your branches training portal from this main domain.

    Go to:

  2. Click on create account or sign up ( as appear on portal)



  3. Fill the details correctly with capital letter and click on create account. (username automated appear as company email typed)



  4. Verification email will sent to your company email address for activation. Message will appear on display. ( It will be take 5 to 10 mins)

Note: If you did not see an email from the ADA providing you with your account information, please check your junk mail folder. Your account will activate as per administrator set up.


For existing user.

Follow above step 1 and 2 for login process.

                        User name: Employee Company email address name only.

                     (Example: Type j.doe as username if your email address is


After successful login.

  1.  Click on the Course Catalogue.

  1. Please select online training course from course catalogue.


    Use click 1 (select the course) and 2 (return back to home), see below screen shot. OR


    Click on course name for direct access to start the course.

If forget username or password

 Please click on forgot option on login page and enter your company email address to retrieve your user details.